Granite; creating endless colour options at reasonable prices

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Admired and Fashionable
mississauga graniteGranite provides an appealing look and strength that can only be found in natural stone. It is the most popular stone commercially speaking. Granite is formed by volcanic magma that has been cooled slowly and is the hardest and most appropriate stone for home accents, especially the kitchen and bath. The strength and durability of granite is renowned and because of the mass available quantities that are present worldwide, it is also an affordable choice.
This trendy stone is harvested from the earth in massive chunks that are then cut and refined into sizes specific to the job for which they are required. The granite is then coated with a sealant and cured in ovens to provide added durability and longevity. The blocks are then polished to accent natural patterns and lustre. Special finishes that are commonly available include;
  • A high polished surface finish which is shiny and highly reflective. It is glossy and mirror-like and allows the full colour, depth and pattern of the granite to be visible while the colours tend to appear darker.
  • A satin surface finish is a milder finish. This finish is slightly glossy and is not as shiny or reflective as the polished finish.
  • A honed surface finish is a matte finish. The process ends just before the buffing stage resulting in a smooth surface without the reflection
The vast majority of granite that is designated for home décor accents typically receives the high polish finish.
Vast Colour Options
One of the greatest benefits of choosing granite for your decorating requirements is the vast palette of colours and patterns that are available. Granite is a combination of feldspar, quartz and potassium which creates a nearly infinite number of colour options. Traditionally, neutral colours such as beige, tan, and taupe are very popular, in addition to black and grey; however with various other shade options accessible, granite is the perfect choice to complement any decorating style.
Granite is a beautiful addition to any home, each piece like a unique piece of art. With care and attention, granite can be maintained to appear as it was when it was first installed. Even though it has a reputation for durability, it is still important to take precautions to prevent damage or stains. The following steps can help granite maintain its original appearance.
  • It is important to clean spills immediately, especially any substances that have a high acid content.
  • Any added pressure or weight can damage the edges of granite countertops. Unnecessary weight from leaning or sitting on counters can break them and should be avoided.
  • Using a buffer between hot items and the counter such as hot pads.
  • Some household cleaning products have harsh chemicals and high levels of acid in them. Avoid using anything other than water or mild dish detergent for cleaning up everyday spills.
  • Aside from regular cleaning, granite occasionally requires sealing. Sealing safeguards granite from staining. Some granite has miniscule cracks from natural stresses incurred while it was still in the earth. Every day wear, especially on kitchen countertops can leave marks – substances can seep into small fissures and cracks and the resulting discolouration can be hard to remove. Applying a solvent-based sealer keeps them looking new. It is important to remember that a sealer doesn't prevent staining, it defends against it. The amount of time needed between sealing granite depends on the product.